DASC - Director​s​ Colombia has signed a new international agreement.

After signing a new international agreement with the German society Bild Kunst, DASC improves its international presence.

DASC - Directores Colombia firmó nuevo acuerdo Internacional

Mario Mitrotti (President DASC)  in his new offices, during the signature of the reciprocity agreement with BILD-KUN​ST

Following its sustained growth strategy, DASC - Directors Colombia - signed last February 10, 2015 a new international reciprocal representation agreement with the German sister society BILD-KUNST.

This enables Directors Colombia to have a larger international presence of their audiovisual repertoire and collect their rights as audiovisual directors abroad; in this particular case, whenever their works are exhibited in Germany.

It is with great pleasure and pride, as society member of ADAL and provisional members of CISAC, that we continue working to defend your rights in all those countries where same are acknowledged.